Snoring Can Help You Identify Health Issues

Snoring Can Help You Identify Health Issues    

Snoring may be harmless, apart from annoying your partner. However, sleep apnea, which is related to snoring, can result in a severe health condition. Some of the symptoms to watch for are frequent and loud snoring, waking up abruptly with shortness of breath, gasping for air when waking up, among others. These can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and depression. Check the full list of symptoms. Additional information click here.


Explaining Sleep Walking And Night Terrors On Children

Explaining Sleep Walking And Night Terrors On Children    

Sleepwalking can be common in kids. It is called parasomnia, which is referred to all the unusual behavior during sleep. Sleepwalking is a partial state of wakefulness during deep sleep. In the case of children, it might be caused because the ability of the brain to control the sleep cycle is not fully developed. A similar case happens with night terrors. What to do in these cases? Is it safe to wake them up? Click here for more info.


Consequences Of Sleep Apnea On The Cardiovascular System

Consequences Of Sleep Apnea On The Cardiovascular System    

Sleep apnea occurs when the air passage in the body is interrupted when sleeping, resulting in loud snoring and in breathing interruptions which can last from ten seconds to one minute. This leads to poor sleeping and a sense of fatigue on the next day. Among its consequences are high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease with a high risk of heart attack, depression, and diabetes. Check the full list. More details click here.


Snoring Related To Skull Thinning And Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak

Snoring Related To Skull Thinning And Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak    

Symptoms Are A Strong Headache, Neck Pain, Tinnitus And Even May Lead To A Coma    

Researchers have found a correlation between snoring and a thinner skull. The thinning is up to 1.23 mm, however, a skull erosion of 1mm can cause a spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak (sCSF-L). This allows the liquid that serves as a cushion to the brain and spinal cord to flow away by the eroded area. The result can be life-threatening, including coma, stroke, and symptoms of dementia. This serious condition is also associated with obesity. The causes are not clear. The main symptom is a headache that gets more severe when upright and lying down. Other symptoms are neck pain, light or sound sensitivity, tinnitus, hearing changes, among others. More Information click here.


Study: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Produces Cortical Thinning In Different Areas In Men And Women

Study: Obstructive Sleep Apnea Produces Cortical Thinning In Different Areas In Men And Women    

This Can Explain The Different Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea In Men And Women And Lead To Different Treatments    

Researchers have found that obstructive sleep apnea produces cortical thinning in several areas of the brain, which might be the reason for differences in clinical symptoms. However, the most significant finding is that the affected regions are different for men and women. Studies have shown a higher prevalence of sleep apnea in men, compared to women. Earlier studies have proved that obstructive sleep apnea caused changes in the brain, showing damages to the gray area, and also the white area, but it had not considered that the brain changes were different in men and women. These differences might explain why loud snoring and apnea are more present in men, while women tend to depression, fatigue, and mood changes. This can lead to different treatments for obstructive sleep apnea in men and in women. Additional details click here.


Earplugs Prevent Disrupting The Sleep Of The Snorer’s Partner

Earplugs Prevent Disrupting The Sleep Of The Snorer’s Partner    

They Muffle The Sound, Not Blocking It Completely, And Even Regulate Air Pressure In A Plane’s Cabin    

Snoring problems are usually related to the snorer and its health hazards. However, it also affects the partner, disrupting his sleep. There are earplugs that can block the sound, but it will also block the sound of an alarm clock or a smoke alarm. Another type of earplugs muffle the sound without actually blocking it out. There are even earplugs for plane travel, which not only reduce the noise of the plane’s engines but also regulate air pressure, compensating the low pressure in the plane’s cabin. If the problem is not only snoring but loud noise at clubs or concerts, there are earplugs that will lower the sound. And cancel the noise. Click here for more information.


Depression Can Also Be Related To Excessive Sleep Duration

Depression Can Also Be Related To Excessive Sleep Duration    

This Is The Contrary Of Most Cases, Which Link Depression To Sleep Deprivation    

Depression has also been associated with sleep conditions. While most patients report an inability to sleep, there is a small percentage that reports the opposite, which is excess sleep duration, also called hypersomnia. Patients with these conditions experience excessive daytime sleepiness, and also show the symptoms of sleep deprivation. This makes hypersomnia difficult to diagnose. In some cases, the condition persists even after the main cause, which is depression, has been treated. There are tests that allow quantifying this condition, For example, persons with hypersomnia fall asleep faster than other individuals. More info click here.